Designed & made in Great Britain

Designed & manufactured in Great Britain

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About Andron Handling

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Andron Engineering Ltd was established in 1973, with Lola cars among the first of it's clients. The business focused on bespoke design of component parts and engineering solutions. As the company grew over the years, so did it's client base, with many of the leading names in Formula One and the racing car industry benefiting from an extensive knowledge of component manufacture.

Andron Handling Solutions was formed as a division of the parent company to specifically meet the increasing need for bespoke handling solutions. Now a separate company, we have grown to become a major supplier of bespoke handling systems across a wide range of industries. Working closely with our customers we provide simple, innovative and effective solutions for all handling

Our quality management system is our way of working. It is based on our value of continual improvement and ensures we watch, learn, improve and deliver products that are fit for purpose and meets our clients’ needs for safety, delivery and product quality. Please click here to view our Statement of Quality Policy.

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