Quick-Lift Arms

QLA series articulated manipulator arms excel where rapid, repetitive and precise load positioning is required. Supplied complete with our intelligent control handles, our quick-lift arms will increase production rates, while enhancing ergonomics and minimising product damage.

We offer several models with various lifting capacities and area coverages so you can select a product optimized for your lifting and handling needs. The arms can be mounted on a floor-standing column, mounted overhead on existing steel structures to reduce the floor footprint required, or mounted on a mobile base unit for easy relocation.

We also supply a range of short lead time standard lifting accessories including magnetic, round bar, vacuum and manual end effectors, plus a range quick-release safety hooks and attachments. As with the rest of the Andron Handling range, bespoke end effectors can be supplied and are designed by our in-house team to suit whatever your product and process may be. 

Our quick-lift arms are available with safe working loads of 50kg, 100kg, 200kg and 300kg with arm lengths up to 5m. For areas with strict hygiene requirements such as those found in the food industry, our quick-lift arm clean (QLAC) variant has lift capacities of up to 75kg.

For situations where the load centre of gravity is offset from the wire rope, our quick-jift arm torque (QLAT) adapter is the ideal solution. This adapter has a lifting capacity of up to 125kg and allows quick-lift arms to carry offset loads with all of the safety, ergonomic and precision benefits of the standard arm.

Quick-lift arms offer the best auto balance available regardless of load, and with high reliability and low power consumption they provide exceptional value for money.

Features & Benefits of Quick-Lift Arms

  • Suitable for loads from 5kg to 300kg
  • Arm length of up to 5m
  • Ultra-light lifting, as little as 20 grams of force needed to lift 300kg loads
  • Automatic ‘float’ mode detects part weight for lifting any load
  • Advanced safety features
  • Fully programmable
  • Remote mounting and inline handle options available
  • Standard options available to integrate pneumatic, vacuum and mechanical grippers
  • Configurable button functions for custom manipulators
  • Unique low torque swivel joint with electric and pneumatic coupling