Standard End Effectors

Connecting the intelligent lifting device with the load, end effectors are a fundamental component and critical to the overall performance of your handling solution. With decades of experience providing systems to the most demanding production environments, you can rely on our standard end effectors and bespoke grippers to handle any component.

The end effector or gripper is arguably the most important element in a well-designed assistor. The design approach depends on the part being handled, the required process and any layout constraints, but the purpose is always to make handling safe, ergonomic and fast, while providing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

We offer various types of standard end effectors on short lead times that can be mounted in the quick-lift system. These include magnetic, pneumatic, vacuum and mechanical clamping solutions. All are fully integrated with our control handles providing simple operation and benefiting from precise, ultra-low effort load positioning.

In addition to standard end effectors, Andron Handling can design bespoke grippers to suit any load, fully integrated with the intelligent control handle.

Features & Benefits of Standard End Effectors

  • Round bar end effectors for bar diameter 50mm – 90mm
  • Fixed magnet end effectors for parts up to 85kg
  • Tiltable magnet end effectors for parts up to 275kg
  • Tiltable vacuum end effectors rotates 90° for parts up to 60kg
  • Versatile end effectors handle porous or curved surfaces up to 30kg
  • Glass handling end effectors for parts up to 250kg