ERGO Fast Vacuum Lifter

The ERGO Fast vacuum lifter control handle allows handling of loads up to 30kg.

Attached to a lifting tube, the ERGO Fast vacuum lifter allows control of the gripping tool which will hold the load, and the tube that will lift the solution. This command is issued ergonomically thanks to a trigger system.

The ERGO Fast vacuum lifter is the ideal manipulator for reducing injury in operators who handle loads repetitively on a daily basis. The ERGO Fast vacuum lifter respects the environment and the work station by providing a hold above the load for greater speed and smoothness.

The ERGO Fast vacuum lifter is compatible with many options that complement the solution in order to adapt it better to suit clients’ needs. For example the option of rapid change of gripping tool allows one manipulator to be used for many different types of load: lifting of boxes by suction cup, lifting of cans with square brackets, lifting of trays with forks etc.

In addition, in order to provide protection against the risk of falling loads, the ERGO range requires the operator to use both hands to release.

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ERGO Fast Vacuum Tube Lifter

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