jib crane

Jib Crane used in a bespoke handling solution for a prestigious vehicle manufacturer

March 9, 2021

Andron provided a bespoke handling solution including a jib crane for a prestigious vehicle manufacturer with a requirement to load and unload tooling on a vehicle production line in their UK factory.


Due to our extensive experience with handling solutions of this nature, Andron was approached to improve a step in the vehicle manufacturer process. Andron was tasked with designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of a tooling change hoist and carrier to load and unload tooling into a machine using an overhead jib crane.

The Technical Challenge

The customer wished to overhaul the process; the key challenges being the heavy weight of the load being lifted and the height of where the tooling is inserted to the machine. The solution also needed to incorporate a locking device which could safely and securely attach the tooling to the machine during transit. Due to the high jib crane that would be needed for this process, additional safety functionality was also required to prevent the crane and load coming into contact with any other structures in the vicinity.

The Andron Solution using an overhead jib crane

The handling solution consists of a 3500mm high lightweight jib crane with 3000mm reach. Attached to the jib crane is an electric chain hoist capable of lifting 500kgs with a safety hook. The hoist is controlled via a control pendent and has up, down and emergency stop functionality for additional safety. A tooling carrier (gripper) was designed to replace the existing carrier and was manufactured and certified to the latest European directives and standards for lifting equipment. This carrier allows the tooling to roll in and out freely and incorporates a tooling lock in device to prevent the tooling from moving or releasing during transfer. It also features a locking mechanism to connect to the machine while the tooling is being transferred into position.

To ensure the safety of the operator at all times, a quad chain is connected between the safety hook and carrier to keep the carrier level and stabilised during transfer. This solution is fitted with rotation limits to limit the rotation if required to prevent the jib crane and load contacting any local structures.

The end result is a safe and efficient tooling solution with a well thought out design with which the customer was extremely pleased. For more details on jib crane range of products please see here