Manual clamp

Manual Clamp Gearbox Handler

October 8, 2020


Jaguar Land Rover were looking for a safe and effective manual clamp gearbox handler for use on their production line.

The Manual Clamp Gearbox Handler Technical Challenge

The customer was looking for a simple but effective manual clamp gearbox lifter to enable one man to safely lift the heavy gearbox on the main assembly line and place in safe and controlled manner.

The Andron Solution

The Andron solution was to mount articulating clamp jaws to our modular scissor gripper. Spring assistances also provided low operator effort in an adaptable and robust package capable of taking a wide variety of loads and clamping attachments. The gearbox could then be lifted safely and effectively by one man and placed accurately.

This system is ideally suited to wire rope and chain hoist systems both of which can also be provided by Andron if required.